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Pediatric Foot Deformities

Pediatric Foot Deformities

The pleasure of becoming a parent can turn out to be perplexing if your little one is born with a pediatric foot deformity. Pediatric foot deformities can be scary for any parent. The time you spend on the treatment may seem never-ending and painful. Please understand that timing is everything – even when it comes to your child’s pediatric foot deformity treatment. And, there is a lot you can do to treat your child with initial diagnosis.


What is pediatric foot deformities?

Foot deformities occur when the infant’s foot is not formed properly. Pediatric foot deformities can affect the feet, bones, tendons or muscles. They can be painful and need medical care. Some patients develop symptoms with birth, while others develop over time. Sometimes the condition corrects itself with age, but your child’s prognosis can improve upon starting treatment.

The most common foot deformities may include: Flat Feet, Claw Toe, Hallux Varus, Metatarsalgia, and Spurs. Several deformities of the foot, ankle, and toe may also be caused by injury to joint surfaces, trauma to the growth plate, or fracture malunions.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Foot Deformities

Fortunately, pediatric foot deformities can easily be diagnosed and treated. They normally occur at birth, or it may not show up until years later. But, it is suggested to start treatment soon after birth or when you see the symptoms. The common symptoms may include: outward tilted heel, difficulty wearing shoes, feeling uneasiness in walking, voluntary withdrawal from any activity.


Pediatric Foot Deformities Treatment at Empire Foot & Ankle

At Empire Foot & Ankle (EFA), we provide care for all forms of foot deformities — whether your kid is born with one or develops one later. Specialized surgeons and physicians at EFA are experts in diagnosing these conditions and creating a personalized treatment plan, based on your child’s needs. They diagnose and treat all foot, ankle and toe conditions in children, teens, and young adults.

When you bring your kid to us, our specialists of this field establish an accurate diagnosis, perform a general screening examination to rule out associated musculoskeletal deformities, evaluate the conditions, and assure you peace of mind. With comprehensive analysis, they can bring to bear a range of operative and non-operative techniques specifically developed to address the distinctive needs of your kid. This can include special attention to preserving the integrity of the growth plate or allowing development of the foot.