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Foot Deformities

foot deformities treatment

Foot Deformities Treatment

Foot Deformities can sabotage your entire life. All the weight of your entire body is on your foot which means that its health is absolutely crucial.

For a human body to remain strong, flexible and mobile, the feet must remain devoid of any deformities. Since foot and ankle are amongst the most complex and intricate anatomical structures, their treatment must be performed by individuals with a vast range of knowledge and experience.

The team of experts at Empire Foot & Ankle specializes in treating all kinds of disorders that affect your foot and ankle. From conservative therapies to complex surgical procedure, we have expertise in all kinds of foot deformities treatment.

Deformities We Treat:

Since starting this venture, we have treated common deformities such as bunions, bone deformities, flatfoot, bone spurs, toe joint problems, fallen arches, mallet toes, hammertoes and claw toes. In addition to that, we look after foot injuries and sprains, and assist with bruising and swelling. At Empire Foot & Ankle, our job is to get you back on feet and we do this with utmost proficiency.

Treatment Options Available

The type of treatment varies based on the type of patients and their particular condition. However, here some common solutions that Empire Foot & Ankle offer:

  • Physical Therapy
  • NASAIDS (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) for pain relief
  • Corticosteroids injections to reduce inflammation
  • Shoe modifications, orthotic devices, casts and braces
  • Surgical procedures in case of foot damage or severe pain

Few Things You Might Want to Know

Every patients that comes to our office is listened carefully. After that, we recommend them some prescriptions for home care such as rest, ice for relieving pain and reducing swelling or stretching exercise in order to increase muscle control.

We have extensive experience in detecting early stages of diseases such arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular illness. These diseases usually display warning signs in the lower half of a person’s body. With early diagnosis and treatment, patients may be able to save a limb from amputation, restore mobility and prevent other severe health problems.

Hence, contact us now if you are experiencing any symptoms. Empire Foot & Ankle handles performs foot deformities treatment whilst maintaining high standards of professionalism and proficiency.

We have treated numerous patients on almost daily basis. So call us now to book the earliest appointment.

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