Flat Feet Treatment

Flat Feet Therapy

All You Need to Know About Flat Feet Treatment

When you walk over a flat walkway with wet feet, notice the imprint, if it is a complete print of the bottom of your foot –you have flat feet.

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet refer to the shape of the foot having an upward curve in the middle of the foot forming an arch which is lower than the normal ones. This condition is also known as fallen arches.

It is not only about the shape of feet -numerous tendons connecting your lower leg and foot, work together to form an arch in your foot. When these tendons together pull the proper amount, then your foot crafts a moderate or normal arch. On the other hand when these tendons do not pull together appropriately, your foot crafts a little or no arch. People who have fallen arches often  need a flat feet therapy.

Why You Need A Flat Feet Therapy?

There are a few people who have flat feet, and still they face no problem, pain or other issues –usually, their feet have this shape naturally. But most of the people face symptoms which are problematic and affect their mobility and everyday activates –such people need flat feet therapy. A few signs are;

  • Your feet feel tired easily and often
  • You have painful or achy feet. The pain usually hurts the areas of the arches, feet fingers and heels
  • You have a balance problem while you stand, walk or run.
  • You can observe inflammation at inside bottoms of your feet
  • Postures like standing over your toes, running or ankle movement are challenging for you.

How Can We Help?

At Empire Foot and Ankle Center we have well-trained Podiatrists who are always ready to serve clients with best services. Our team focuses on the symptoms and suggest you appropriate treatments to adjust your limb and leg muscles. We recommend a suitable fitting of shoes to comfort your feet and minimize the pain. We also offer insoles and orthotics or custom-designed products to improve your walk and running experience.

The ankle braces and supports offered by our specialists will reduce the inflammation problem and frequent pain. Our physiotherapeutic massages and exercises will help your tendons to respond properly. The massage softens your muscles, improves blood circulation, increase the flexibility of joint and strengthen your ankle joint to support your body.  We also recommend medicines as and If required.