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Corns & Callouses

Corns And Calluses Treatment

Corns and Calluses

The entire weight of your body shifts on the base of the foot when you walk or stand. With excessive pressure, some areas of skin thicken in the form of corns and callus as a defensive response to the body’s reaction to the friction of skin resisting against the ground. Most corns and calluses can be treated by a variety of measures, including wearing comfy shoes or trimming of the calluses.


What are Corns?

Corns are caused when a foot rubs against the inside of your shoe, causing the skin to thicken and making a hard surface. They are usually characteristic of an underlying problem such as a deformity of bones, a particular style of walking or wearing inappropriate shoes. Some people develop callus because of their skin type. Elderly people are more likely to develop a callus on the ball of the foot since they’ve fatty tissue. The common types of corns include: Hard corns, Soft corns, Seed corns, Vascular/neurovascular corns, and Fibrous corns

They can be uncomfortable and give you pain when pressing on a nerve. They also make walking a problem. However, it is not recommended to cut them off or otherwise remove them on your own. If not treated properly, it can lead to other complications and can come back. You should consult a specialist foot doctor and have the condition treated.


What are Calluses?

Calluses, on the other hands, are spots of hardened skin tissue that arise out of repeated rubbing against any hard object. They can spread out more than corns. They can develop anywhere on the body. But, the most common areas are the tops and sides of the toes and on the base of the feet.

Corns can be hard, dry, smooth or pulpy. Arthritis or poorly-fitting shoes are common causes of Calluses. Like corns, they can be painful and need care. They also make it challenging to carry down routine chores for the patients. It is not recommended to scrap off the callus. Consult your doctor.


Corns and Calluses Treatment at Empire Foot & Ankle

When you come to Empire Foot & Ankle (EFA), our experts scrap some skin off from the affected area to understand whether a thicken patch of skin is corns or just warts. When the skin is scraped off, warts bleed; calluses reveal dead skin. The experts at EFA will diagnose the problem and recommend the best treatment.